evoo (standing for extra virgin olive oil) is the new street food kitchen in Huset KBH.

The menu is based on techniques, preparations and ingredients discovered in most of the fine dining and gourmet street food places from Denmark and from all around the world.

Food waste is one of the highest impacts on global warming, as well as the consumption of non-organic meat and non-sustainable fishing. Therefore the recipes used in evoo are made to have a durability that allows a usage of 100% of the acquired ingredients. The food is made entirely in the house, sourcing ingredients that are local and from organic agriculture.

From now, in Huset and in all its facilities, one can taste, sitting or taking away, different seasonal dishes flavored using natural flavor amplifiers and prepared following both traditional and more innovative recipes, where the old meets the new in a sinuous meeting of taste.

We also offer a  selection of wines, meticulously selected  to satisfy a  good  "value for the money" . The tipology of the wine is dependent on offer, season and availability.

We are looking forward to welcome you as guests!

Just a few practical notes:

- Order can be placed at the bar, where you will be served drinks, cutlery and napkins. We’ll bring over your food at the table :)

- Please keep in mind, that for reasons of security, we do not keep cash for change, therefore you are kindly asked to bring the exact amount if you wish to pay that way. You are more than welcome to pay by MobilePay or any credit/debit card.

- Bastard café gamers: 25kr per person
- Bastard café gamers with Bastard membership card: free

Even though we support each other in Huset, this restaurant is not a Bastard café branch! Therefore you will be charged with a small fee (25kr) if you wish to play games in the restaurant area, with the obligation to purchase either drinks, snacks or food from the bar. Guests with a valid Bastard café membership card can play for free (but still with an obligation to purchase drinks, snacks or food from the bar)