Looking for a cozy place for your Julefrokost/Christmas Lunch?

The food menu, besides being made of 80% organic produce, and of locally sourced ingredients, is inspired from street food from Denmark, Italy and around the world.


One can find small exquisite details, such as pairing the duck with plums (quite oriental/French cuisine inspired), the cured salmon paired with smoked cheese, dill and mustard (Nordic cuisine, with a touch of sushi when paired with black rice and seasonal salad), a quite Italian take on the oven baked pasta, and a classic for the dessert, chocolate and berries, and so on.

In this section you can find menus that are adapted to your company needs. We can utilize this offer for groups from 10 to 120 people. Please confirm the final number a 7 days prior to the event.

Menus and offers are subject to change according to season and availability of produce.

We hope to see you soon in the old fashioned Huset-KBH!!!